Thursday, June 23, 2016

UK votes to leave the EU. Told ya so!

The UK voted to leave the EU.

Told ya so!

This was so easy to see.  The average citizen in most Western countries is in a hurt locker.  Globalization, irrational trade treaties, and illegal immigration has the guy on the street freaking out.

This is also why Trump will win this fall.  Consider this a "soft" revolt in the UK and one is coming to the US too.

Pass the popcorn.  This shit just got real.

NOTE:  Read the comments on this one folks.  I am amazed at how people are trying to turn this into a non-issue.  We're seeing the start of a push-back against the establishment and everyone is trying to downplay it!  Why?  You're seeing a major part of the globalization scheme going down in flames.  This is ABOUT THE EU!  This is ABOUT BRUSSELS!  This is ABOUT AVERAGE PEOPLE LOOKING AROUND AND SAYING NO MORE!

Perhaps more importantly (repeating myself) this is a nail in the coffin of the TPP.  Its also an early indicator of the US election and a signal to get ready for a world wide recession.

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