Sunday, June 19, 2016

WikiLeaks founder thinks political gamesmanship/bureaucratic advantage is behind Clinton e-mail prosecution delay.

via Free Beacon.
WikiLeaks created a searchable database in March of Hillary Clinton emails where users can sift through an archive of 30,322 emails and attachments sent to and from her private server.
Assange has long been critical of the presumptive Democratic nominee, but told ITV that it was unlikely U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch would indict her.
“She’s not going to indict Hillary Clinton, that’s not possible. It’s not going to happen. But the FBI can push for concessions from a Clinton government,” he said.
The FBI will trade concessions from a future Clinton administration instead of pursuing justice?

If Assange is right then there is no bureaucracy worthy of trust anymore.  We are truly living in an age where money/political connections equals power and the ability to get away with....anything....even activity injurious to the country.

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