Thursday, July 07, 2016

10 Dallas officers shot. 3 Dead. War has been declared on the Police. UPDATE. EXPECT A CITY WIDE EMERGENCY DECLARED IN DALLAS!

1.  Getting serious in Big D.  UPDATED!  10 Dallas Officers shot with 3 Dead.
And so it begins.

2.  Another one shot.  That makes 11.

3.    Person of interest is a black male, about 25-30...unable to determine height from the pic, stocky muscular build with an AR-15. Wearing a camo T-shirt (woodland pattern), short cropped shair with goatee.
I wonder if he has military training?Is this how it all kicks off?

4.  Listening to the Dallas Police Chief and the Mayor's press conference.  Dallas Mayor calls for coming together.  I'm getting real tired of hearing that.  The time to come together has passed.

5.  Feeling conflicted about this.  I should be upset that police were killed but I can't get there.  Interesting.  I wonder if my feelings are being echoed by others....I should want the bastard that shot the officers to die a horrible death.  I can't get there.  Instead I'm just feeling cold.  Quite honestly and its disturbing for me but I'm sitting here just waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Is it this easy to slip into a just don't give a damn stage?

6.  Brother of person of interest says that the gun was unloaded and that police confiscated the rifle later in the protest...even though Texas is an open carry state.  This is getting more and more interesting.

7.  Getting reports of 5 dead officers.

8.  Reports are circulating that the "person of interest" was at ground level when the shooting started.  I REALLY BELIEVE WE'RE SEEING THE WORK OF WHITE SUPREMACISTS!  This is the perfect venue for them to go active.

9.  Modern policing is based on the consent of society.  When society decides that police are becoming oppressors then you see society no longer accepting that policing.  That's what we're seeing.  The consent of the people is being withdrawn.  Expect chaos.

10.  I'm expecting the declaration of a city wide emergency in Dallas soon.  Additionally I expect National Guard to be activated if this isn't resolved by daylight.

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