Friday, July 08, 2016

A Black Militia Group carried out the attacks in Dallas?

This is curious.

These guys had training.  From the statements of the Dallas Chief they sound like they're black.  He also said that they're looking to get to the bottom of this and any other people involved.

This is beyond gang stuff.  Black Panthers are aging.  A black militia group?  Is that possible?  Black Muslims?  Or just a guy and his buddies that decided to go on a killing spree?  

One last thing.  I'm wondering.  If these guys are just civilian shooters and have no training then why did they diagram such an effective attack on the DPD.  This still isn't making sense.

PS.  SAVE YOUR DRAMA!  I only go where my experience or information takes me.  A black militia group is the only body that I believe would allow people of a similar mindset gather to share training, gear might distasteful for you to think about (so if it is stop sending me e-mails!) but it does seem logical to me.

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