Friday, July 01, 2016

Australia beats S. Korea when it comes to amphibious raid capability?

You ever read an article and the first thing you say is bullshit?  Breaking Defense has such an article...check this out.
America’s Pacific partners are building up their amphibious forces, but they can’t storm a beach against a high-tech adversary like China. Even the most advanced allies — Australia, Japan, and South Korea — would need US support for a raid against a well-armed terrorist group, especially in command & control, logistics, and helicopters, reports the Center for Strategic & International Studies.
Less developed partners — India and the Philippines — should stick to lower-threat missions, such as Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief (HADR) and Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations (NEOs). Small but sophisticated Singapore falls in the middle of the pack. (We’ve summarized CSIS’s detailed ratings in the chart above).
The bottom line: US strategists must appreciate what each partner can and cannot do and help them to do better at what they’re best at instead of wasting time and money trying to make a mini-me of the Marine Corps.
“They have to be able to do it their way,” said retired Marine Lt. Gen. George Flynn, speaking at the report’s roll-out yesterday. “Their capabilities are going to reflect their national interests. We don’t need to create more of us.”
Below is the chart that they're talking about.

Riddle me this.

S. Korea has a Marine Corps that stretches back decades and fought in Vietnam.  They have modern LHDs and operate the same AAVs that we do.  They're constantly working to ensure the highest standards for the ROK Marines and they do exercises almost monthly.  The ROK Marines have a force of approx 30,000 men.  The entire Australian Army numbers around 45,000.

Yet we're suppose to believe that the Australians...the same people that just bought their first LHD...that haven't pulled the trigger on developing a Marine Corps and are designating an Army Battalion (not sure what they call it...Battalion, Brigade, Regiment...its one small formation) to do the more capable than S. Korea?

Don't get it twisted!  I'm a fan of the Australian Army but I just don't understand how they can be rated ahead of the S. Koreans and quite honestly Singapore (just calling it the way I see it).

There is obviously an agenda here.  What it is I don't know but as things stand this report makes no sense.

Side note:  That chart on amphibious shipping seems like pure bs too.  Have they forgotten about the Dokdo Class LHDs?

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