Monday, July 18, 2016

Baton Rouge Shooter was rocking an IWI Tavor and XD!

I'm stepping out of the politics of this thing and am only going to look at the tactics used by police and the shooter.

Listening to a press conference by the State Police Commandant here in Louisiana, he stated that the shooter used an IWI Tavor and Springfield XD.

The scary thing about those choices?

It sounds like what I would use if I needed a truck gun if I needed to engage from a vehicle and the XD is known for having a hefty little magazine capacity.

This guy chose well when it came to weapons selection.

Additionally I've checked out his pages and he was a fitness geek.  Not only did he work out but he even advised others on the subject.

Police are going to have to up there game.  I don't know how they do it but they're being engaged by people with military knowledge and are fit.  Range time, time at the gym, getting that nutrition right...that's the basics if you want to stand a chance for survival.

Listening to the State Police Commandant one other thing is obvious.  They've got to up their tactics.  Oh and Baton Rouge SWAT put the shooter down.  A sniper engaged him from 100 yards away.  In an urban area with a fleeting target that's not bad.  The Sheriff commented on how well the shooter moved and the determination in his actions.

Law Enforcement is not ready for this new breed of criminal.  These new jacks are tactically proficient, in good shape, have the basics of fire and maneuver down cold and kill with a heart of stone.  I say again.  Law Enforcement MUST UP ITS GAME!

Fat Cops cannot cope with these new criminals.
Side note:  If you call yourself a gun guy and you're over 35 and don't work out everyday then you're a fraud.  If you have weapons stacked to the ceiling
but get out of breath walking across the street then you're a fraud.  You're only a supply point.

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