Saturday, July 23, 2016

British soldiers on the eve of the Somme via Great War Tumblr Page.

My mind always takes me to weird places.

I look at the pics above (and others that I've posted...I might be repeating myself) and wonder if these guys knew that the morning they woke up that it would be there last on earth.

Do you get a "feeling" in the pit of your stomach that this is the last day?  Do you have some kind of premonition, maybe unrecognizable at the time, that everything is about to go sideways?

Doesn't matter and I guess we all find out on that last day.  Back on track.  Want to know what industrial size slaughter looks like?  Want to know what incompetence by General Officers that makes what we've seen from our current generation of leaders look like the rebirth of Chesty?

Then do a little reading on the Battle of the Somme.  The fighting is so outrageous that it seems like a bit of dystopian sci-fi.

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