Sunday, July 24, 2016

British troops told to scrub Facebook of info they're in the military. ISIS offensive intensifies!

Thanks to Joe for the link!

via The Sun
BRITISH soldiers have been told to “scrub” their Facebook and Twitter pages of evidence they serve to avoid being targeted by nutcase jihadists, The Sun on Sunday can reveal.
Worrying new guidance was issued to troops at mega-bases in Bulford, Tidworth and Larkhill, Wiltshire, where 14,000 soldiers are garrisoned.
After a spate of terror attacks in France and Germany rocked Europe, Top Brass are determined not to see another Lee Rigby-style attack on a British hero by anyone inspired by the Munich or Nice attacks.
Troops are also warned to run in pairs off base after two Middle Eastern men armed with a blade tried to bundle an RAF airman into the back of a van in a feared abduction attempt this week.

Initiative.  The terrorist have it and European Security Forces are trying to catch up.  They won't succeed as long as they're being reactive.  This message to service members is beyond weak.  To even a "semi" trained eye you can spot an active duty serviceman from the general population at a glance.

This order is nothing but feel good nonsense.

Europe is fucked.

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