Monday, July 18, 2016

Can you drive your AR like this?

Can you drive your AR like this?  I can't.  But I will!

The crazy thing?

I thought he had to be using a bump fire stock to make his rifle sing like that. Nope, just a plain jane BCM carbine.  Just wow.

Side note:  This is another example of "mil spec" or better stated "using what the active duty guys are using" puts you behind the curve.  Like I told a person in the comments I heard of these triggers but really thought they were just a fad.  You've seen all the gear that's hit the market that is only designed to separate you from your money.  I wonder why we aren't hearing SOCOM, FAST Co, big city SWAT, Federal Law Enforcement (especially US Marshals, FBI HRT) or any of the other close quarter specialist rocking these triggers?  I'm still researching them but I haven't seen anything questioning their durability.

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