Tuesday, July 26, 2016

China drilling Anti-Tactical Recovery of Aircraft/Personnel (TRAP) teams. via China Defence Blog.

via CDB
Here is a series of photos depicting a 10-man PLAAF Airborne SpOps team's search for a downed enemy pilot while CAS teams of JH-7s and Q5s providing support by cleaning out a retrieval path.
I am sure they only wanted to provide medical aid to the poor soul and nothing else.... yeah yeah, that's the ticket.
This is ominous.  I've read about enemy forces flexing into the mission of capturing American pilots.  That's been going on since WW2.

I've never heard about capturing downed pilots being a mission set of a special ops unit.  Let me repeat that for a second so you get the force of connection....a special ops unit drilling to capture enemy pilots?  Interesting.

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