Tuesday, July 12, 2016

China shows naval muscle in military exercise (vid).

You are looking at massive modernization that will soon see them reach parity with the US.  Remember those estimates of threat countries getting stealth aircraft by 2025 at the earliest?  Consider those estimates when you hear people tell you that China will not equal us till 2030 or later.

I'm betting it'll be much sooner, but what should concern everyone is our world wide responsibilities and our current posture.  I still contend that they have already achieved regional superiority.  Japan and S. Korea are not allies, Singapore will go its own way, Australia is dependent on trade with China etc...the only "natural" enemy of the Chinese is Vietnam and India...and China is working overtime to improve relations with them

Unless we forcefully challenge China now, while we are militarily superior, we will be rolled all the way back to Hawaii.  As things stand we're being defeated without a shot being fired.

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