Saturday, July 02, 2016

Combat capable Law Enforcement is only a matter of time. The debate is over.

I've been watching the terrorist attack in Bangladesh and a few things are obvious.

The first is that if you're taken hostage you're already dead.  You must avoid that situation at all costs.  You have three choices.  Fight, flight or hide.  If you attempt flight and you're unsuccessful then your chances of implementing a hide strategy will probably be slim to none.  The reality is that if you don't, won't or can't fight...and if you can't run then more than likely you're gonna die.

Awareness of threats and not simply following the crowd in this day and age is more important than ever.  Unfortunately our Govt releases warnings late and they're not widely publicized (did you know that one day before the attacks in Turkey the State Dept issued a travel alert...kinda makes you wonder if they had intel doesn't it?)

But I digress...back on task.

I saw police militarization (in the wake of high profile police shootings) and I came out against it.  I thought that the force on display was over the top.

I was right about that.  But I was wrong about the threat that terrorism would play since those troubles.  Quite honestly I looked at ISIS, saw that they had at most two divisions of troops operating in the open desert, saw the forces arrayed against them, and thought that even the idiots in the State Dept and Pentagon would be able to defeat them quickly.

I gave them too much credit.

Even now its estimated that the coalition forces are facing off against 12K ISIS fighters (total) in Iraq and Syria.

They took too long to kill the snake and now its turned into hydra.

We're gonna get hit in the US and combat capable law enforcement will be necessary to deal with the threat.  NOTE THAT I DID NOT SAY TO SAVE CITIZENS!  Those people unfortunate enough to fall into the clutches of the terrorist at the start of their rampage will die.  Combat capable law enforcement will be needed to combat them after everyone in the school, mall, church, dead.

The future will see a full combat loadout for cops on the beat.  They might hide the rifles, grenade launchers and 782 gear in the trunk of their cars but they will suit up before combating this new breed of villains.

The unprepared among us are simply the walking dead.  They'll probably snap chat their own deaths.

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