Saturday, July 09, 2016

Dallas Shooter used a surplus weapon

Thanks to Eric H for the link!

via CBS
A law enforcement source told CBS News that Johnson had a SKS semi-automatic assault rifle and a handgun, Milton reports. The suspect also wore body armor, the source said.
On Friday, police officers went to Johnson's home in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite, Texas and removed items. They later said that they found bomb-making materials and a journal of combat tactics in the home.
Hmm.  An SKS?  From the amount of firepower that is being talked about I'm assuming that he had the same weapon I SKS-D.  Just from the bullet size alone it would punch thru body armor, slice through car doors like butter and even penetrate engine blocks.

If he's like me and has a spam can of steel core ammo setback then it gets even more intriguing.  There is much debate about it.  The ATF ruled that ammo armor piercing but modern 7.62 supposedly performs much better when it comes to penetration.  Where steel core shines is in its accuracy.

I guess this is the best part of the story.  The guy didn't use an AR-15 for this heinous act.  He used a simple SKS.  I wonder if this will have any bearing on the upcoming gun control debate?

It does make you wonder though.  The guy held off a SWAT team with an SKS?  He apparently pulled this plan out of his ass on the fly?  When the grieving is over and people start doing "no shit" after actions on this incident, the DPD's reaction will be a case study in what NOT to do when reacting to a rampaging shooter.

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