Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Disband Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Company or USE THEM!

Thanks to John for the link & discussion idea!

via Marine Corps Times.
About 40 American service members have been rushed to the U.S. Embassy in Juba, South Sudan, as the country teeters on the verge of another civil war.
The troops will bolster security at the embassy and help non-emergency personnel leave, said Samantha Reho, a spokeswoman from U.S. Africa Command.
“This contingent brought in several vehicles solely for use in protecting the embassy,” Reho said. She declined to provide any information about what military service or units the troops come from, citing operational security concerns.
“We do not discuss the specific forces involved or the specific capabilities the Crisis Response Force has available,” she said. “What I can say is the CRF is a flexible and ready force that has all the tools it needs to respond to any crisis in AFRICOM's area of responsibility.”
First.  I'm jumping to a conclusion here.  Its my world so deal with it.  I'm guessing from the wording that this is probably an Army outfit that got tasked with this mission.

Second.  This is more of the fallout from the lies that Amos told about the lack of military response to the Benghazi incident.  We learned that the President and SecDef ordered the US military to send forces to the scene immediately but that somewhere along the way the Combatant Commander decided to ignore those orders.

Now to the point.

The USMC already had forces tailor made for "Crisis Response" in the form of its Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Teams.

Threats don't materialize out of nowhere and the idea when this unit was built was to have specially trained Marines to go in and reinforce say an embassy if necessary.

What do we do instead?

We've built SPMAGTF-CRs, we're burning out Marines on endless deployments and we have well trained Marines sitting on the sidelines.  The tipping point has arrived.  Either we use them or we disband them! 

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