Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NORINCO VN2C armoured personnel carrier

via IHS Janes
China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO) has developed the 6x6 VN2C mine-resistant vehicle.
The VN2C bears a physical resemblance to the company's widely deployed 6x6 WMZ-551 armoured personnel carrier (APC), which is still being marketed in a wide range of configurations and weapons.
The baseline VN2C is fitted with a one-person turret armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun (MG) and a 7.62 mm co-axial MG provided with 500 rds and 1,000 rds of ammunition respectively.
The turret is also equipped with eight electrically operated grenade launchers in a four by two arrangement. Other turrets can also be accommodated if desired.
The crew consists of the commander, driver, gunner, and eight dismounts who can rapidly enter and leave via a large power-operated ramp in the hull rear.
The rear troop compartment is provided with bullet/splinter-proof vision blocks and associated firing ports to enable some of the dismounts to fire their weapons from within the vehicle.
The VN2C has a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 19 tonnes and is powered by a diesel engine developing 402 hp (300 kW), which provides a power-to-weight ratio of 21.15 hp/tonne.

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