Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pics of the Baton Rouge shooter engaging police. Pics via Vice News.

Note:  After seeing these pics, I have to reassess.  First this was a pure ambush.  Second patrol officers will be operating from behind the power curve with a trained assailant...they would need to be operating on clear comms, maneuvering like madmen while laying down cover fire...I don't think current rules of engagement for law enforcement would allow guys armed with handguns to effectively take on a trained guy armed with an assault rifle unless they're given more latitude with stray rounds.  Last I can't quite make it out but it doesn't look like this guy was prepared for an extended firefight.  I have yet to see additional magazines...is this also a case of suicide by cop?  This guy was trained but his preparation was lacking.  Remember the AR was left in the car.  I don't know if he was carrying his handgun but equipping himself with additional AR mags seems a no brainer.  What was the thinking here?  Was this suppose to be a hit and run?

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