Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sorry Gun Guys. Open carry is unnecessarily provocative and needs to be regulated!

Above you see photos from the RNC Convention which will be closing tonight. This should be an eye opener for everyone.  Do you see how many are carrying those weapons?  The guys wearing the pistols are walking around with pistols that are designed for concealed carry outside the waist!  That's a fact people.  Just because you see guys hitting the range with that type of kydex holster doesn't mean that it meets standards for wear in public.

First its not snatch resistant.  Those holsters hold guns in place by the tension that one applies with screws to keep the gun in place.  A 250 pound assailant that takes you by surprise, does a California prison take down on you (just a brutal running tackle from behind), then he will walk away with your weapon before you know what happened....if you're lucky.

Drop down to the guy in the bottom pic in the blue garb.  That sling is all kinds of messed up, he doesn't have the awareness to control his weapon as it flops down around his knees....its just wrong!  The guy in the white shirt is at least showing a bit of understanding in the way that he's carrying his gun.

Long story short?

Every group attracts extremist that take away from the core message and hurt the cause.

Open carry advocates are that group when it comes to gun rights!

Walking around with weapons in plain sight is unnecessarily provocative, tends to be unregulated, gives license to prohibited persons to carry without challenge AND is killing our agenda.  The NRA needs to come out against unregulated open carry.  Call me a turn coat but it doesn't promote personal security and eventually the bad guys will view open carriers as supply points.

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