Thursday, July 07, 2016

The shooting in Minneapolis looks terrible.

Story here.

Have you seen the vid of the shooting in Minneapolis?  It looks absolutely horrible.  I've heard that the issue in Baton Rouge would be settled by the Justice Dept ruling it justified but that the City would fire the officers because they violated procedure. The deal?  They were on a call with a suspect with a gun and didn't prone him out. Instead they went hands on and my contacts are telling me that from different views of that vid the guy can be seen going for his pocket.  The shooting is justified in the Baton Rouge case and they won't be convicted.  The city will pay an enormous sum and they will be fired.

As far as Minneapolis.

That guy is toast.  He's going to jail without a doubt.  He murdered a man and he deserves his special place in hell.

NOTE 1:  Ya know what irks me so much about this incident?  Black Leadership is dealing with issues like this like its the 1960's and its the civil rights movement part two.  Its not.  What I've learned over the rash of these incidents that we've seen is that a one size fits all does not work.  If I was appointed a black leader how would I deal with it?  First I'd have social workers and victims advocates ready to go to take care of the family.  I'd have a public relations person on speed dial ready to fly in and take care of perception.  You wouldn't see anyone emotional getting on camera.  You would have people coached to present the victims point of view in a calm rational way.  I'd have use of force experts ready to explain how the cop did it wrong. Second I'd have lawyers ready to nail the govt entity to the wall.  You wouldn't see less than high double digit million dollar pay outs plus expenses.  I'd go after the individual officers estate and do my best to wreck not only his life with jail time but also those of his family.  The response would be low key but it would send a message.  

NOTE:  Incidents like this are what gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement.  Unfortunately it was co-opted by the Democrat Party but it was a civil protest to barbarity.  I cannot state forcefully enough HOW ABSOLUTELY SICKENING this shooting is.  The VICTIM was a concealed carry holder, he DID THE RIGHT THING BY INFORMING THE OFFICER THAT HE HAD A WEAPON and was still shot down like a dog.  If violence strikes Minneapolis make sure you blame the right person.  That pitiful individual that didn't know how to react in a stress situation (the police officer if you're fucking confused).  Whether it was lack of training, an improper mindset, I really don't give a fuck.  If he isn't sentenced to life in jail then all bets are off.  An attitude of viewing police like criminals would seem warranted.  I would treat them the same way I do Skin Heads, Gang Members or Crack Heads....nothing but suspicion, to be watched at all times and definitely not to be trusted.  Watch the video again.  This thing is heartbreaking. The power trip that the officer is on makes me want to shoot him in the face.

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