Sunday, July 10, 2016

Threats made via social media are now arrest worthy?

Things are getting interesting...or rather...more interesting..

Louisiana teen arrested for making threats against police on social media.  Why do I think this rises to the level of bullshit?  Because the guy was in his car sitting behind a police cruiser and made the statement about wanting to shoot and kill police.  He then posted the vid and did nothing.  Later police put out a warrant for his arrest.

Did he do anything?  Nope.  We see a leader in Black Lives Matter movement arrested in Baton Rouge.

I find this stunning.

Remember the Bundy Ranch Incident?  Nothing happened to those "freedom fighters"....yet people are calling Black Lives Matters terrorists?  Fucking seriously?

Perhaps the way to avoid violent standoffs between police and protesters is to show up armed to the gills and declare yourself freedom fighters.

I mean it worked at Bundy Ranch and the Federal Govt backed off and the local sheriff supported them.  I mean it had to be a gun thing since we're all treated the same right?

Certainly pointing weapons at Federal Agents is a bigger crime then making threats to social media right?

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