Saturday, August 06, 2016

101st deactivates its Pathfinder Company.

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via FtCampbell Courier
“Today is a significant day, and will no doubt be a day to remember,” said Lt. Col. Ryan P. Boyle, the commander of 5th Bn., 101st CAB. “The last time something of this magnitude occurred for our Pathfinder’s was Oct. 16, 2013 when Fox Company conducted its final static-line jump. It has been almost three years since then but the Soldiers standing on the field today continue to carry on the legacy of excellence of this proud unit. Before we bid farewell Fox Company Pathfinders, we pause to recognize the unique history and legacy of this incredible organization.”
The 101st Pathfinders can trace the unit’s heritage all the way back to the night of June 6, 1944, and many other conflicts through the decades. They bring more to the table than just a storied lineage. The 101st Pathfinders provide a unique set of skills that differentiate themselves from other infantry units.
“The main missions for Pathfinders are downed-aircraft recovery, personnel recovery, landing-zone reconnaissance and pick-up zone control,” said Staff Sgt. Adam Brousseau, a Pathfinder team leader with Co. F, 5th Bn., 101st CAB. “We have a specialized mission. Most infantry units don’t train on what we do. We’re experts at anything relating to aircraft because we train with the air crews and pilots pretty much every day. The Pathfinder inactivation is definitely a loss of an asset.”
Is it just me or is the 101st being marginalized to the point of "no longer being special"?

I don't quite know what to make of this.  In theory they're saying that "every Brigade" will be pathfinder qualified but many years of Army history says that it needs to be specialized.  What makes them think it can work now?  What makes this move reasonable?

Time to read up on the Pathfinder mission sets but at a glance this doesn't seem right.

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