Thursday, August 11, 2016

Anti-Missile defense is fools gold with current technology.

Thanks to Al.Z for the link!

via Fox News.
American defense contractor Raytheon and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, who worked together developing Israel’s Iron Dome—the highly-acclaimed mobile air defense system that has become critical to Israel’s national security—are now collaborating on an American prototype.
The U.S. version of the missile system would help protect U.S. forces in advanced combat positions around the world from a variety of threats including cruise missiles, rockets and UAV’s.
A 2015 trademark filing by Raytheon lists the “SkyHunter," described as a ground-based missile interceptor system with a guided missile that has electro-optic sensors and adjustable steering fins to track and destroy incoming enemy rockets, missiles, artillery and mortars.
Raytheon is the world’s largest manufacturer of guided missiles and works with Israel’s State-owned Rafael providing key components for Israel’s highly-versatile electro-optic Tamir interceptor missile.
I don't get the thinking coming out of the Pentagon.  They keep talking about the big war against a near peer threat (it might be time to drop the "near" and only talk about peer threats) but they keep posturing our forces to fight counter insurgencies!

It boggles the mind.

My biggest issue though is this.  Current technology will not help against a REAL missile attack.  A few savages that launch mortars or send Walmart UAVs?  Yeah, this can handle it.  Against a peer threat?  Not even close.  Leadership seems incapable of remembering what peer state combat will look like.  Check out the vid below of Ukrainian SMERCH rockets firing on Russian positions.  We're not the only ones capable of steel rain.

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