Friday, August 12, 2016

Are pro gun rights groups going too far?

The above pic is from Soldier Systems (here) and he covers the issue of whether its a step too far.

I felt the need to amplify the discussion.  To use the Holocaust as an example of the plight of the gun community? Personally I find it a bit off putting.  People died in the Holocaust.  We're talking about defending a right that whether we like it or not, half the country feels we shouldn't have.  Its not YET to the same level.  Not even close.

But for our discussion lets push this beyond that patch.  The biggest irritant and the part of the gun community that I believe is going waaaay too far are the open carry zealots.  The need to show the world that you have a firearm on your waist or even worse to be walking around a city with an AR-15 strapped to your body is a step too far.

Either way its gonna get worse.  This election is going to do only one thing.  Make the divisions in the country even deeper.

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