Sunday, August 07, 2016

Army Special Operations has a dim view of the Marine Corps..via War is Boring.

via War is Boring.
“Elitism,” was how Research Planning described the Marines. “The USMC considers itself to be superior, both individually and institutionally, to the other services and the Army in particular.”
And this.
According to the reference guide, Marines were unlikely to accept the idea that Army commandos could provide skills the Corps didn’t already possess.
“SF soldiers working with USMC elements should be aware that the Marines are likely to genuinely feel that the SF and SOF communities possess no capability not resident in the Corps.”
An appendix in the manual provides descriptions of other offices in the Pentagon, elements of the Department of State and other segments of the U.S. government. However, it doesn’t offer any descriptions of these groups’ internal culture or suggestions on how to interact with their employees.
Interesting.  Very interesting.  Amos practically put the Marine Corps on its knees looking to pleasure any SOCOM unit that came its way and this is the result?

The Marine Corps is posting SOCOM Liaison Units attached to our MEU's and this is their viewpoint?

Arrogance, your name is Army Special Operations.

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