Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Canadian Police stop a suicide bombing in Ontario.

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The RCMP says a potential terrorist attack on a major Canadian city was thwarted on Wednesday after national security officials intervened in the alleged suicide bomb plot.
Sources told CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson that the lone male suspect was linked to ISIS.
CTV News has confirmed that the RCMP carried out a security operation in Strathroy, Ont., a community about 225 kilometres west of Toronto, in connection with the threat.
According to an internal government document obtained by CTV News, the suspect – who is described as a Caucasian male in his 20s who speaks perfect English without an accent -- allegedly planned to use an IED to carry out a suicide bombing mission in a public area. The suspect’s alleged plan, according to the document, was to create mass casualties.
Officials feared that the suspected attack could’ve been carried out on Wednesday during rush hour in a busy location.
A major RCMP counter-terrorism operation was swiftly carried out on Canadian soil on Wednesday. Security officials were able to locate the suspect and stop him from carrying out the alleged plan.
The RCMP has not said what city was targeted, where the suspect was found or released any details on the suspect. Security officials say there is no longer a threat to national security.
The RCMP released a statement saying it received "credible information of a potential terrorist threat" earlier in the day.
"A suspect was identified and the proper course of action has been taken to ensure that there is no danger to the public's safety," the statement said.
2016 will continue to give.  Question.  Do you believe that there is no planning for a major event in the US by ISIS?  I'd say its a given.

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