Thursday, August 04, 2016

Deputy Commandant for Aviation calls for a 24 hour pause...

via Marine Corps Times
The head of Marine Aviation has ordered all non-deployed aircraft to stand down for 24 hours following three recent crashes of F/A-18s, two of which were fatal.
Lt. Gen. Jon Davis told wing commanders on Wednesday that non-deployed squadrons must take "an operational pause" within the next seven business days, said Marine Corps spokeswoman Capt. Sarah Burns. The move is different than grounding aircraft, she said.
Commanders can decide which day to take the pause, during which aircraft are typically inspected, Burns said on Wednesday.
Marines are stubborn.  They choose a direction and they will continue on despite evidence to the contrary because the teaching is that you "power thru" obstacles...that one more push could be the difference between victory and defeat...that one more step could carry you to your objective.

So Davis calling for an operational pause is a sign that alarm bells are finally ringing at HQMC.

The procurement train wreck has gone from being theory...gone from simply affecting the ground side of the house to now affecting the wing too.

The solution is simple but no one wants to accept it.  Either you tell Congress that you're unable to carry out the mission with the funds available.  You redo your financial/procurement planning to take into account reality and not wishful thinking.  Or you do nothing and watch more aircraft fall out of the sky.

The solutions are obvious.  The choosing is what's hard.

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