Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ex CIA Director calls for killing Russians and Iranians in Syria.

This has been getting so much attention that we need to talk about it and it needs its own blog post.  What's my opinion?  Check this out...

1.  It shows that the National Security "establishment" in the US is out of control.  This guy is suppose to be a pro.  To say something like this in the open is not the sign of a pro.  I consider this statement to be crazier than anything Trump has said.

2.  I wonder who the real enemy is for the National Security "establishment".  My sights are squarely on ISIS.  They seem to have more of a hard on for Assad.  No wonder we can't beat a bunch of sandal wearing bastards in the open desert.  All signs point to us not really wanting to.

3.  I am still confused about the 180 on Assad.  Not too long ago he was being hailed for leading a multi-cultural nation.  All religions were respected and his wife was lauded in Western media.  Now he must go?  I wonder what really happened to change the viewpoint.

4.  No one has answered what happens when/if Assad goes.  What happens to Syria?  Will we be looking at another failed state that fuels more terrorism than we're facing now with the added issue of it potentially destabilizing Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, not to mention becoming a tremendous thorn in the side of Israel?  I have NEVER heard a plan for what happens "after".

5.  The Iranians were in Iraq.  The Quds Force was quite active and he didn't want to do jack.  The Russians are in Syria.  Now he wants to kill them?  I don't get the thinking.  IF defeating ISIS is the objective then a partnership to accomplish that should be easy.  I'd bet body parts the Russians would be all over it, yet the old guard refuses to see the possibilities and wants to default to Cold War thinking.

Enough rambling.

What you're seeing in the video is exhibit number one for why US foreign policy has failed so badly over the past two decades.  Additionally we're seeing a truth that none of us want to accept but we must.  There is no difference between the parties when it comes to foreign policy.  They're one and the same and that leads us further down the rabbit hole.  National Security the parties are the same...ditto for immigration...ditto for trade...ditto for most things of significance.  The split comes with regard to social issues but that battle is winding down.

The real question we have to ask is this.  Do we really live in a democracy or are we governed by a ruling elite?

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