Sunday, August 21, 2016

India goes to Syria...the geopolitics are stunning...we have lost the initiative.

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via Indian Punchline.
India needs to take serious note even as Minister of State MJ Akbar arrives today in Damascus on a rare visit by an Indian dignitary. (Where China goes, can India be far behind?)
To be sure, Moscow is moving speedily to create new facts on the ground before the next US president takes over the reins of the US’ Middle East policies. Moscow aims to bolster Iran’s defence capability to a point that a military strike on that country becomes a non-option for the US and/or Israel.
Conceivably, we cannot rule out that there would have been some discussions already between Moscow and Tehran regarding a mutual security alliance in the event of a military threat from a new US administration dominated by neoconservative ideologues (which could be the case in a Hillary Clinton presidency.)
Russia is speeding up the delivery of the S-300 missile system to Iran. Reports from Tehran say that the delivery will be completed within a month from now.
Do you feel the sand shifting beneath the feet of US Middle East policy?  One of my Indian readers told me that their Minister of State was visiting Syria (sorry I forgot your name) but I failed to grasp the significance.

Russia.  China.  Iran.  Turkey is making kissy faces toward Syria...and now India is sending their Chief Diplomat.  Alliances are shifting.  The last few months of this year could change the course of several nations in the ME.

Note:  Can you imagine how pissed Obama must be?  He picked Hillary as his first SecState because of political expediency.  He probably didn't know that she was a Neo-Con in Democrat clothing and he probably resents all the messes that she's gotten him into.  So what does he do next.  He appoints Kerry when Hillary's time is over.  Kerry is a peacenik so what could go wrong?  He would make US foreign policy come in line with the President's thinking and all would be right with the world.  Then came the red line, the Iran nuke deal and the Chinese push in the Pacific.  Obama must feel snake bit!

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