Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Marine Tanks to receive upgrade.

Thanks to D90 for the link!

via Tanks and AFV News.
Marine Corps Systems Command is modernizing the tank commander’s weapon station on the M1A1 tank by developing a suite of systems that give tank commanders and their gunners a hunter-killer edge over their enemies.
The new Abrams Integrated Display and Targeting System, Tank Commander Single Handle and slew-to-cue capability make up the modernized trifecta that cuts time to enemy engagement by half while increasing accuracy, range and lethality on the battlefield.
Responding to feedback from Marines, the Abrams Integrated Display and Targeting System, or AIDATS, upgrades the thermal and day sights on the stabilized commander’s weapon station through a state-of-the-art, high-definition camera and permanently mounted color display.
“The most significant benefit—the main reason why AIDATS was started—is the color display,” said Michael Kreiner, AIDATS project officer in MCSC’s Armor and Fire Support Systems. “Users didn’t like the black and white camera that was in the tank before, because they have a hard time distinguishing between different color trucks.”
There is much more at the link.

I don't think this changes my assessment of things.  THEY MIGHT go forward with these upgrades but the future of tanks in the Marine Corps is very much in doubt.

Say it with me.  LESS THAN 60 TANKS (estimate) are left in the active duty Marine Corps.

After the "future" Marine Corps paper comes out later this year I expect that number to go to zero.  I further expect for them to split the baby and move them to the reserves.  That will keep the tribe from howling too loudly and open up boat spaces for the wing to get more maintainers, the new cyber bubbas and a few more spots in the Infantry battalions.

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