Monday, August 15, 2016

Russia increases its strategic reach in the Middle East.

Thanks to Amir for the link!  Pics via Warfare Worldwide Twitter Page!

Russian strategic bombers and tankers at Iran's Hamedan Air Base?  Do you really think this is just about Syria?  Maybe but it also sends a message to the US and the GCC.  Russia is a major player in the Middle East and can conduct punitive raids against anyone in the region now.  It also helps with the issue of force protection.  I can imagine that these aircraft based in Syria would be juicy targets for both the terrorist (the bad head choppers that we don't support and the so called good ones that we do) and possibly even a covert raid by guys that run around the woods with knives between their teeth.

Love them or hate them but this is a good move on their part.

NOTE:  I stand by my previous statements.  The Middle East is a cesspool.  Better a dictator that can be controlled instead of a radical terrorist that can't.  We should support Assad and the Russians.  Reform Syria to the best that we can and kill every terrorist we see.  If we got to work on it I think it would take 3 months at most.

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