Monday, August 01, 2016

Russian MI-8 Helicopter shot down in Syria.

via Sputnik
A Russian Mi-8 helicopter has been shot down in Syria's Idlib province on Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Russian Defense Ministry is investigating the fate of three crew members and two reconciliation center officers who were aboard the downed aircraft.
"On August 1, a Russian military transport Mi-8 helicopter was shot down from the ground en route to the Hmeimim airbase after delivering humanitarian aid to the city of Aleppo. A crew of three and two officers of the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation were on board."
The defense ministry underscored that the fate of the Russian servicemen is being investigated through all available channels.
Is it wrong for me to hope that the crew is dead and not captured?  I don't need to start the week with a YouTube vid of captured Russians being horribly treated.

Are they our enemy?  Personally I don't think so.  Allies?  I think they could be.  But even more than that, they're human beings that deserve to be treated properly.  Rough up prisoners?  Yeah I can see that.  Behead them or drag their bodies thru the streets?  That's many steps too far.

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