Friday, August 19, 2016

Russian K4386 "Typhoon" Airborne they have TOO MANY vehicles in development?

Thanks to Robert, Olgerts and my other readers that sent me the link!

via Live Journal.
An interesting photograph of two prototypes of the new K4386-protected vehicle "Typhoon Airborne" with the wheel formula 4x4 in the workshop "Plant special cars" (Naberezhnye Chelny).On the left - the first prototype ballast simulating combat weight of the module to the right - one of the subsequent samples have already established a new remote-controlled weapon stations
Interesting.  This vehicle reminds me of the old Force Protection Cheetah that the Marine Corps was lusting after so long ago but couldn't get the Army to bite on.

Back on task.  The Russians have ANOTHER vehicle in development.  How many is that?  I'm convinced that at least half the vehicles they're working on MUST be for foreign sales.  Even if that's true I don't know how successful that marketing strategy can be.  The Chinese have a number of vehicles that are designed for the foreign market and aren't being used by their own forces and the only sales they get are when they basically give them away.

My favorite tank company that died an undeserved death ...the late great Vickers...made a number of tanks that should have been world beaters but they didn't have the stamp of British Army use on them.  Same can be said of the Textron V-600 that would be viable even today.

If the home military isn't using it then many foreign forces just aren't interested.

Go down the list of Russian vehicles in development right now...its way too what is the thinking?

Side Note;  Anyone know the development status of the beast below?  Its totally dropped off the radar.

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