Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Russia's BT-3F Armored Personnel Carrier is revealed.

Thanks to ArmorFan for the link!

via Live Journal
As it became known to our blog, in Russia created the first prototype of the new tracked armored BT-3F (full name - an armored personnel carrier on the basis of the BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicle). The machine was developed by the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building (mound), which is part of "Corporate Governance Company" Concern "Tractor Plants" (KTZ).

As stated earlier this year in an interview with " Moscow Defense Brief is " Deputy General Director - Head of the Export Department and current planning KTZ Alexey Losev, GTC at its own expense razrabatal design documentation for the BT-3F, and a prototype is planned to show the exhibition of arms "Army 2016". According to him, the interest in this machine has already expressed Indonesia. The prototype armored BT-3F (c) bmpd
The Russians are either engaged in a weapons buildup that we don't know/understand the true scale of it, they're attempting to modernize legacy vehicles while acquiring new ones or they're just confused as all outdoors.

I don't understand the push to modernize legacy vehicles when they have new models ready to go...of course the USMC is doing the same with the AAV Survivability Upgrade while supposedly pursuing the ACV so maybe I'm just confused.

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