Saturday, August 20, 2016

Saudi Jets Bomb Peaceful Pro-Houthi Rally of 100,000 in Yemen’s Capital

via Sputnik.
The move by Saudi Arabia in violation of international human rights law comes at a time when the United States has withdrawn support for the Riyadh-led coalition due to the rising civilian death toll.
Saudi-led coalition fighter jets struck the Yemeni capital of Sanaa during a massive demonstration that attracted over 100,000 pro-Houthi rebels and supporters of the former President Abdullah Saleh.

Tens of thousands rallied in Sanaa’s central square in a dynamic display of democratic power in favor of the Shiite Houthi rebels with demonstrators proudly cheering a recently established Supreme Political Council including members of the Houthi movement.
But then the powerful moment of human dignity and expression turned tragic as fighter jets began bombing Yemen’s capital, including the area near the Presidential palace where protesters were assembled according to AP. The strike resulted in an “unknown number of casualties” according to the news agency although eyewitnesses say that at least three civilians were killed and dozens were wounded.
A few things...

*  I'm getting a bit frustrated that Western news media aren't covering issues of importance in some of the trouble spots around the world.

*  I'm getting a bit frustrated that I'm having to depend on Sputnik, RT, and to a lesser extent The Daily Mail and Telegraph for what little new we do get.

*  I'm a bit alarmed at the thought that this information is part of a campaign by the Russians.  Have we really gotten to a point where knowing about events around the world can actually discredit US policy and shame our so called allies?

One last thing.  I've taken my eye off the Saudi's but its obvious that they're losing their freaking minds.  How do you bomb a protest and think that won't add fuel to the insurgency that you're fighting?

Militarily they have no clue.  They better hope Erik Prince can assemble a division worth of S. American former troops that don't mind being dropped into that meat grinder.  Otherwise we'll see them kicked out of Yemen by the end of next year and probably the Kingdom teetering on collapse.

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