Saturday, August 27, 2016

Saudi troops are not ready for this fight (screen captures)

Below are screen captures of the previous vid.  I personally think we're seeing some of the Houthi's "finest moments" and it could probably be labeled as propaganda.

We are seeing recurring themes though.  Piss poor fighting positions.  Outposts that are in shit shape.  Rebels capturing unused/prepped ammo.

Saudi troops and their allies are not ready for this fight.

I added this pic because I find it fascinating.  Can you imagine the fear in the hearts of these guys?  They've piled into the back of a compact truck, overloading it, and they're praying to Allah that they don't catch a round in the back.  What has me wondering is that no one is in the turret and no one seems to even be thinking about returning fire.  The only thought is to flee.  I wish we had better info on this engagement.  What happened to their personal weapons and how many attackers were there?  Could they be running from a force that they outnumber?

Shiny new rounds calling to me and every other gun collector.  This is why ammo prices spiked.  They're making rounds for people that won't even use it.  Ok, that's a bit too far but these guys were lavishly equipped and don't appear to have even tried to fight back.

Watch the vid.  If you're like me then you thought this was simply a trash dump.  You're wrong.  The rebel is video tapped popping open one of those ammo cans and its filled to the rim...the brass is shiny.  For some reason the Saudi troops have piss poor fighting positions and create hazards to themselves as a matter of habit.

NOTE:  Shakespeare was right...

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