Thursday, August 25, 2016

Secret info on India's Scorpene Subs leaked.

The 22,400 pages of data seen by The Australian contain the key secret stealth capabilities of the Indian submarines. Some information included what frequencies the submarines gather intelligence at, the levels of noise they make at various speeds, their diving depths, range and endurance, where on the submarine the crew can speak safely to avoid detection by the enemy, magnetic, electromagnetic and infra-red data, and the specifications of the submarine’s torpedo launch system and combat system, the speed and conditions needed for using the periscope, noise specifications of the propeller and radiated noise levels that occur when the submarine surfaces.
Do you see that tidbit of the info leaked?  I guarantee that EVERY navy on the planet made hard copies, is comparing it to estimates and is putting the info into new battle simulations.

Further you can bet that China, the US (yeah...we gather info even on allied nations gear) and Russia are digging thru it hard.

If India is smart they'll cancel this contract.  Those subs will be damn near useless if delivered with the current specifications.

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