Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Singapore's President is just plain cool.

If you want to hear a thoughtful leader then check out the Singapore/US press conference.

They have the kind of leader I wish we had...or soon to have.

This guy is just plain cool.

PS.  The Pentagon needs to rethink its approach to Singapore.  The thought of them becoming a "forward" naval base, or logistics hub isn't gonna fly in my opinion.  Their Prime Minister is laying out a neutral policy and I don't see them "falling in line" with US policy...especially if the Neo-Cons in the form of Hillary rise to power.  Additionally I don't think they're going to be taken in by the scheming of trade deals.  These guys aren't stupid.  We need to come at them straight and not sideways.....I don't think they're so hungry for a deal that they'll take a bad one.  Long story short?  For every exercise you see Singapore participating in with the US, you'll see others that include China and other Pacific neighbors.

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