Monday, August 01, 2016

The Next Israeli Surprise? Carmel Advanced Ground Combat Vehicle

via Sputnik.
This strategy will include developing another demonstrator program named Carmel, a Hebrew acronym for Advanced Ground Combat Vehicle, which is meant to drive the design of a tank that will be used as a compliment to the 65-ton Merkava Mk4.
Zur commented that the MK4 is to remain in production until 2020 and Carmel isn’t meant to take its place, but will serve as a demonstrator program to assess a modern, medium-weight combat vehicle, that will. The vehicle will be wheeled instead of treaded. 
A wheeled tank?  Could the Israelis actually pull it off?  If you haven't been paying attention then be advised.  That economic slowdown and "new" recession is on track to hit later this year.  As a matter of fact there are some economist that are saying we're already experiencing a global economic slowdown as we speak.

What does this have to do with the Carmel Advanced Ground Combat Vehicle?

Money must be saved.  If you're gonna have a credible ground force in the future then affordability must become a reality and not just a buzz word like it is with the F-35.

A wheeled combat tank?

We're already seeing wheeled APC/IFV approaching 40 tons.  That's traditional light tank weight.  Its doable.  Tech wise its doable.

Supposedly they've already built a demonstrator but I can't find pics (my Google-foo is weak) but I'm still looking.  More to come!

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