Monday, August 01, 2016

This Khan controversy annoys.

This Khizer Khan controversy annoys the hell outta me and shows that the US military has become a pawn in the political process.

Ignore the competing a Marine no less....Generals are political and if they've decided to show there real colors then so be it.

This stuff with Khan though annoys because a man did the hard thing for the country and instead of everyone being able to celebrate his life, honor his sacrifice and try and comfort his parents we're instead locked into a political fight.

That pisses me off.

Make no mistake about it.  Khan insulted Trump 12 different ways on the stage and Republicans, Democrats and the elite in general are all piling on.

Everyone sees it but those people think this attack is working.

They're wrong.

What it will do is to further drag the US military into the same gutter the rest of the govt is in and any support will soon wane.  Want to see something nasty?  Watch what happens when military service become political instead of neutral.

Consider this another example of our great democracy slipping away.  Worse?  The establishment is so desperate to hold onto power that they're willing to smear any institution to do so.  My question is this though.  Trump and Sanders supporters all represent people in America that ARE NOT happy with the status quo.  Even if the establishment/neo-cons get Hillary elected what happens next?  What happens on the day after she's elected?  What is the plan to fix things?  If there is no relief for the millions of Americans that say the country is headed in the wrong direction then what's next?  They tried elections and the DNC rigged the Democrat process and the Republicans sabotaged there nominee.

So what do the people do since the normal machinery of democracy no longer work?

PS.  SACRIFICE IS NOT TRANSFERABLE!  His son made the sacrifice.  His son made the choice to run to danger to protect his troops.  The father did not.  He can be lauded for producing such a fine man but he cannot be praised for his "sacrifice".  He can be sympathized with because of his loss BUT HE DID NOT SACRIFICE!  We need to get our language right on these issues!

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