Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Those Chinese islands are gonna be a serious military problem...

Note.  All pics are from CSIS (here).

Sorry sports fans but this thing is almost a done deal.  Once the Chinese put up there version of a SOSUS field then we no longer have any advantage that we can count on to contain them in the Pacific.

Over a decade of warfare in the Middle East and the idea that it would last for generations has left us unprepared for the big fight in the Pacific.  Additionally we allowed greedy corporations to sell their souls and our national security so that they could increase profit margins by way of dual use technology.

We created the monster and the dragon looks ready to strike.  The A2/AD complex is almost complete.  These islands along with their carriers, long range anti-ship missiles, aircraft, fast attack boats and ballistic anti-ship missiles mean they've achieved perfect victory.  They are close to winning before the war even starts.

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