Friday, August 19, 2016

US send fighter jets to protect forces on the ground in Syria.

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via Daily Mail.
The U.S. scrambled fighter aircraft Thursday to protect American special operations forces and allies from Syrian government warplane attacks near the northeastern Syrian city of Hassakeh, the Pentagon said Friday.
Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said the U.S. has increased combat air patrols in that area and has warned Syria that America will defend coalition troops. He also said he believes this is the first time the U.S. has scrambled aircraft in response to an incident like this involving Syrian government bombings.
He said a small number of U.S. commandos were in the area training and advising Syrian Democratic Forces. The strikes, he said, "did not directly impact our forces. They were nearby - close enough that it gives us great pause."
A few things....

*  The coordination between the White House, State Dept and Media on this subject is obvious.  I was watching Morning Joe this morning and Joe Scarborough droned on and on about a little boy that had been injured and how they needed to setup safe havens and no fly zones.  Fucking seriously?  When the 11 year old was decapitated by "moderate" rebels no one said a thing.  Now?  Now we need to take action?  Its obviously coordinated.

*  I suspect this is political.  Do you really believe this has anything to do with the war in Syria or setting the ground to aid Hillary in her election?  That's whats so disgusting about this.  I personally believe that lives are being risked for political expediency and not military necessity.

*  Notice that the story states Syrian warplanes.  Morning Joe talked about bombing Syrian planes on the ground.  What happens if Russia responds by stepping up their air campaign?  Are they really willing to risk an escalation by getting into a furball over some terrorist head choppers?

In short this whole thing reeks.

I don't buy many parts of this story.  First I know this administration.  They're not going to deploy American forces close enough to the frontlines to have them get snatched...especially after the close call a couple of weeks ago when the terrorist showed the ID of an American soldier on the internet.

We're being played but this is a game that could get out of hand.  We have zealots in charge...not professionals.

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