Monday, August 29, 2016

USMC to become US Army Ranger support force?

via Breaking Defense.
Another officer said the Marines’ desire to get its own Reaper-sized vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) drone partly reflects pressure from ground commanders to keep the Corps’ relevant in an era where ground combat is primarily special operations. “The Marine Corps does not have a Special Operations Aviation Regiment like the Army does,” this officer said. “I sense a lot of desire from the traditional ground component of the Marine Corps to support special operations, much like the U.S. Army Rangers. Having a higher-tier UAS is part of that.”
Read the entire article.  It starts off with another toy that Davis wants to give the wing (why hasn't that fucker been fired yet?) and ends with an unnamed Marine officer saying that he "senses" desire from the ground component to support special operations?

If this is the future of the USMC then case the won't be worth the money.  If this is how Marine Ground Officers are thinking then they need to resign their commissions.   What the FUCK is going on with the Marine Corps???  The US Army is moving forward and planning to fight a near peer and our people are talking about COIN and providing support to SOCOM?  We need a purge!

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