Thursday, September 22, 2016

1st Degree Manslaughter for officer in Tulsa. Now your reality check.

By now you've heard that the officer in the Tulsa shooting will be charged with 1st degree manslaughter.

Some will cheer but I need to give you a sobering reality check.

She'll be found not guilty.


Because all she has to do is explain why she felt her life was in danger....why she pulled the trigger...AND...if it meets the reasonable man standard then she's off.

I could defend her in this case without a law degree and win.

But wait you'll say.  The other officer pulled a taser and not his gun so she's obviously guilty.  To that I say perspective.  Have 10 people see an armed robbery and you'll get ten different views.  No two people see the same things.

But how does she explain shooting a person with their hands up?  Easy again.  I sift police reports nationwide where a person had their hands up supposedly surrendering/complying and the moment the officer relaxes the fight is on.

Face it people.  The DA might have pressed charges but he knows he won't win.  But let's say that he hits that one in a million.  Guess what.  She won't spend a day in jail.  She'll get probation, probably unsupervised or if it is supervised it'll be short.

Like I said earlier. Reality is a bitch.

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