Friday, September 02, 2016

Blast from the past. Oshkosh S-ATV (pic heavy).

Remember the light weight vehicle craze that was sweeping the Marine Corps and Army?  Remember how even SOCOM (looking at you AF Special Operations) even requested custom built rigs to accomplish their missions?

Well things have changed.  We saw the Boeing Phantom, a real nice offering from Northrop...General Dynamics upped their game and of course Oshkosh put forward my favorite of the group, the S-ATV.

Little did they know that some rednecks in Army Special Forces would simply bring their hunting rigs to work and do everything the special designed vehicles did but only cheaper.  SOCOM settled on the Polaris MRZR and the rest is history.

Now even the USMC is looking to dump the Growler and adopt the Polaris to its internally carried vehicle requirements.  The only question?  According to some reports that I've seen from the Marine Corps the Polaris is NOT suitable for the fast attack role and their is a question of cargo carriage.

I have a feeling SOCOM will prove the first false and as far as the second?  Its simplicity itself.  Again the civilian market is showing the way and all it will take to solve the cargo carriage issue is an all terrain trailer!

This is the trailer offered with the vehicle.  In my mind its too light, has too high a center of gravity and if loaded heavily could compromise the tow vehicle.

This is probably what you'll see SOCOM demand from Polaris.  A 4 wheel trailer is more stable on trailers, allows you to travel faster, can generally carry a heavier load and is less likely to tip over meaning that the chance of compromising the tow vehicle is lessened.

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