Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Have we ever had 3 failed Commandant's in a row?

Check out the above vid.

Neller is trying his best to say the right things, but in the end he's doubling down on a strategy that is for want of a better term...fucked beyond recognition!

We're going to work with Special Operations Command?  That's means he's about to turn the Air Wing into the personal ride of SOCOM.  Marines get to be the outer perimeter guards to the outer perimeter on raids.

We're gonna leverage the F-35?  Still don't know what the fuck he means by that!

Regardless we're faced with something we've never seen before.  We had an outright disgrace in the form of Amos.  Dunford didn't stick around long enough to do shit and Neller is dazed and confused.  We're seeing 3 failed Commandant's in a row.

Historians will look back at this time when the Marine Corps sold it soul for an airplane, destroyed itself to be a Special Ops enabler and gave up any real thinking about fighting future wars.  The think tanks have won, Marines have put their balls and brains on a shelf...and future Marines will curse us all for not speaking up.

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