Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Is the F-35 about to cost the Norwegian Defense Minister her job?

via Sputnik.
Previously, the Norwegian parliament gave the green light to spending no less than 81.6 billion NOK (roughly $9.9 billion) on the fighter jets. This sum was determined with a security grade of P85, meaning that there was an 85 percent chance that the final price would fall within the estimated bracket. When questioned by parliament, Søreide indicated the price as 80.2 billion NOK (roughly $9.7 billion), yet provided a security grade of P50, thus tacitly acknowledging the risk of a possible price hike, Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet reported.
According to Olav Torp, professor of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), there is a huge difference between the two figures, which possibly implies extra defense expenditure. The Norwegian defense was therefore left with a 50 percent probability that the overall price tag for the much-debated fighter jets will exceed the frame, set by parliament.
I think we just got our answer.

This.  This is why Lots 9, 10 and soon 11 haven't been finalized.  Once the contract is signed then the price is set and sticker shock sets in for the allies. We know that the number programmed will never be bought but what are the implications for our allies.  What happens when they realize that they either gut their entire military or buy F-35s?

How do you sell that to Army and Navy leaders?

All the talk about "shaping a way forward" and "revolutionizing warfare" and lets not forget "enabling the joint force" will be seen for what it is.  Sloganeering and propaganda.

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