Saturday, September 03, 2016

J-20 in Tibet. via Mike Yeo's Twitter Page.

Thanks to Joe, Savabir Singh and other that sent the link!

Could we all be looking in the wrong direction?  When it comes to the next peer fight I always think China vs. Japan, S. Korea vs. a collapsing North, etc...but we're missing the obvious.

The two countries that have swords out and are spoiling for a fight (if there already aren't skirmishes happening that we don't know about) is China and India at the top of the world.

Between India rushing Mountain troops and material to the area to China doing the same and developing weapons designed to fight at altitude (their new light tank) I think that will be battlefield to watch.

I can even tell you how it will start.  China will do a border incursion, India will respond forcefully and it'll escalate from there till the UN can step in and beg both sides to stop.  By the time that happens we'll probably see a couple of brigades on both sides involved in a big fight.

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