Thursday, September 01, 2016

Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries interested in producing Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle.

via Reuters.
A partnership in armored vehicles would provide new avenues for MHI, the maker of Japan's main battle tank, to sell its defense technology in overseas markets.
Potential foreign partners could be attracted by MHI's armored vehicle technology, notably its heavy-duty tank engines, its gear technology and water jet propulsion systems that could be used to drive amphibious vehicles.
In its latest budget request on Wednesday, Japan's defense ministry said it will begin research on a new amphibious assault vehicle to replace the AAV7 built by the U.S. unit of BAE Systems Plc (BAES.L). The U.S. Marine Corp is also mulling a replacement for the 40 year old vehicle.
Once again the writer buried the lead.  The real story here is that while Japan is in the midst of purchasing new build AAV's from BAE, they're already looking to partner with a US firm to build a next gen model at the behest of the Japanese govt.

This is thrilling and a bit disappointing when you look at this from a US point of view.

I'm thrilled by the idea of Japan reclaiming its WW2 roots of being a leader in the development of amphibious vehicles.  During that war they had a number of pretty innovative designs that don't get enough notice from armor experts/enthusiasts.  Its a bit disappointing because the USMC was the undisputed world leader in amphibious vehicle tech since the middle of WW2 but appears to be throwing away that lead.

Side note:  Below are a few pics of Japanese amphibious vehicles from WW2. We've made note that the Dragon is roaring and that the Bear has reawakened...are we missing that the Rising Sun seems to be appearing on the horizon?

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