Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Korean War Naval Aviation was kinda cool....in a very deadly way....

via USS Edsall Tumblr Page
VA-195 Dambusters was assigned to Carrier Air Group 19 (CVG-19) for a deployment to the Korean War from 21 March to 03 November 1952. The “special weapon” was a 454 kg (1000 lb) bomb with a kitchen sink attached. The idea came up when the squadron’s executive officer LCDR M.K. Dennis remarked during a meeting with the press: “We dropped everything on them (the North Koreans) but a kitchen sink.” Royal J. Deland, ADC, and J. Burnett, ADC, then produced a bomb with a kitchen sink attached. The commanding Admiral was not pleased by this and would not allow to drop the bomb for a weekHowever, press coverage in the United States obviously led to the dropping of this bomb in August 1952 on Pyongyang by Lt.(jg) Carl B. Austin.

You think this would fly in 2016?  Somehow I doubt it.  The crazy thing? Flag Officers haven't changed (with a few exceptions) and the pressure to drop the kitchen sink came from the public!

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