Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Land 400 Phase 3. Place your bets!

I thought that now is a good time to examine the Land 400 Phase 3 contest.  Earlier I said that it will be canceled (here) and I stand by that possibility due to certain steps the Australian govt has enacted to "secure" their economy.  A report was put out (I'll have to find it) that Australia has 6 weeks to prevent a housing bubble collapse.  Additionally they've passed laws that make investment by Chinese a bit more difficult.

But then we have to consider Phase 2 and the surprising results of that downselect alongside the push by politicians to use defense spending as a form of economic stimulus and it makes me think that they could somehow get this thing across the finish line.

So who do I place my early bet on?

After looking at Phase 2 I'm thinking that the Puma IFV has this thing in the bag.  The Australian Army is looking for gold plated solutions.  Additionally I think they're looking at Indonesia and they're getting a bit nervous.

In a few short years it could be argued that the Indonesian Army will have a
quantitative and quality advantage over the Aussies.

Yeah.  Mix a bit of domestic spending, with the lust for gold plated vehicles and add a little Pacific armor race together and the Puma is probably in the drivers seat.

Too bad.  I really think the CV-9035 makes much more sense.

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