Friday, September 30, 2016

Open Comment Post. 30 Sept 2016

Note:  Below are pics of the Battle of Hue City.  I hope members of the Ellis Group go back to Marine Corps 101 and review our history.  Hue City was bad. What they're setting future Marines up for will be worse.  For those unaware of the fight make sure you do a little research.  You will marvel at the valor displayed, and punch walls by the arrogance shown by some of the leadership.

For those that don't have time to research it then think about it like this.  Imagine Fallujah and make the city 10 times larger and you still don't have a "mega city".  Now imagine trying to clear something like that with  USMC Infantry Squads and some SOCOM bubbas.  Unless you have a Deathstar or the Starship Enterprise overhead you're looking at alot of body bags.

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